Crafting recipes for Scribe

637 results
Name asc Level Type
Schematic: Emergency Waypoint Schematic: Emergency Waypoint 350 Guild Consumable (WvW)
Schematic: Dragon Banner Schematic: Dragon Banner 300 Guild Consumable (WvW)
Schematic: Cloaking Waters Schematic: Cloaking Waters 400 Guild Consumable (WvW)
Schematic: Chilling Fog Schematic: Chilling Fog 150 Guild Consumable (WvW)
Schematic: Centaur Banner Schematic: Centaur Banner 250 Guild Consumable (WvW)
Schematic: Assault Roller Schematic: Assault Roller 225 Guild Consumable (WvW)
Schematic: Armored Dolyaks Schematic: Armored Dolyaks 150 Guild Consumable (WvW)
Schematic: Airship Defense Schematic: Airship Defense 400 Guild Consumable (WvW)
Scarecrow Scarecrow 300 Guild Decoration
Sandstone Pillar Sandstone Pillar 250 Guild Decoration
Rustic Brazier Rustic Brazier 250 Guild Decoration
Row of Candles Row of Candles 250 Guild Decoration
Round Elonian Windmill Round Elonian Windmill 400 Guild Decoration
Rough Book Cover Rough Book Cover 100 Component
Rooster Statue Rooster Statue 325 Guild Decoration
Resonating Lodestone Resonating Lodestone 400 Refinement
Resonating Fragment Resonating Fragment 150 Refinement
Resonating Core Resonating Core 300 Refinement
Reindeer Ice Sculpture Reindeer Ice Sculpture 400 Guild Decoration
Refined Street Lamp Refined Street Lamp 375 Guild Decoration
Red Throw Pillow Red Throw Pillow 250 Guild Decoration
Red Pirate Flag Red Pirate Flag 350 Guild Decoration
Red Flag Red Flag 150 Guild Decoration
Red Festival Umbrella Red Festival Umbrella 25 Guild Decoration
Red Festival Tent Red Festival Tent 50 Guild Decoration
Red Dragon Target Red Dragon Target 225 Guild Decoration
Red Cushion Red Cushion 200 Guild Decoration
Red Balloon Red Balloon 125 Guild Decoration
Rectangular Planter Rectangular Planter 350 Guild Decoration
Ram Statue Ram Statue 325 Guild Decoration
Quality Book Cover Quality Book Cover 325 Component
Putrid Matrix Putrid Matrix 400 Component
Purple Balloon Purple Balloon 125 Guild Decoration
Pulsing Brandspark Pulsing Brandspark 400 Refinement
Primordial Leviathan Rib Cage: Right Curved Primordial Leviathan Rib Cage: Right Curved 250 Guild Decoration
Premium Book Cover Premium Book Cover 400 Component
Practical Scribe's Tools Practical Scribe's Tools 150 Component
Practical Scribe's Backpack Practical Scribe's Backpack 150 Backpack
Potted Tree Potted Tree 50 Guild Decoration
Potted Tall Cypress Potted Tall Cypress 200 Guild Decoration
Potted Sprouting Night Thistle Potted Sprouting Night Thistle 325 Guild Decoration
Potted Slender Fern Tree Potted Slender Fern Tree 275 Guild Decoration
Potted Shrub Potted Shrub 50 Guild Decoration
Potted Shaggy Palm Potted Shaggy Palm 250 Guild Decoration
Potted Reaching Gold Fern Potted Reaching Gold Fern 350 Guild Decoration
Potted Reaching Blue Fern Potted Reaching Blue Fern 400 Guild Decoration
Potted Petticoat Palm Potted Petticoat Palm 250 Guild Decoration
Potted Palm Potted Palm 225 Guild Decoration
Potted Paddlefrond Potted Paddlefrond 150 Guild Decoration
Potted Night Thistle Bud Potted Night Thistle Bud 125 Guild Decoration