Crafting recipes for Scribe

803 results
Name asc Level Type
Zephyr Window Pane Zephyr Window Pane 150 Guild Decoration
Zephyr Water Pot Zephyr Water Pot 75 Guild Decoration
Zephyr Walkway Zephyr Walkway 200 Guild Decoration
Zephyr Support Zephyr Support 75 Guild Decoration
Zephyr Scaffolding Zephyr Scaffolding 200 Guild Decoration
Zephyr Sailboat Zephyr Sailboat 400 Guild Decoration
Zephyr Sail Zephyr Sail 50 Guild Decoration
Zephyr Rowboat Zephyr Rowboat 200 Guild Decoration
Zephyr Net Zephyr Net 100 Guild Decoration
Zephyr Koi Lantern Zephyr Koi Lantern 200 Guild Decoration
Zephyr Canopy Zephyr Canopy 225 Guild Decoration
Zephyr Bridge Zephyr Bridge 200 Guild Decoration
Zephyr Banner Zephyr Banner 300 Guild Decoration
Yellow Cushion Yellow Cushion 325 Guild Decoration
Yellow Balloon Yellow Balloon 125 Guild Decoration
Writhing Twisted Tree Writhing Twisted Tree 100 Guild Decoration
Writ of Studied Strength Writ of Studied Strength 150 Consumable
Writ of Studied Speed Writ of Studied Speed 300 Consumable
Writ of Studied Malice Writ of Studied Malice 150 Consumable
Writ of Studied Accuracy Writ of Studied Accuracy 150 Consumable
Writ of Strength Writ of Strength 75 Consumable
Writ of Masterful Strength Writ of Masterful Strength 400 Consumable
Writ of Masterful Speed Writ of Masterful Speed 400 Consumable
Writ of Masterful Malice Writ of Masterful Malice 400 Consumable
Writ of Masterful Accuracy Writ of Masterful Accuracy 400 Consumable
Writ of Malice Writ of Malice 75 Consumable
Writ of Learned Strength Writ of Learned Strength 300 Consumable
Writ of Learned Malice Writ of Learned Malice 300 Consumable
Writ of Learned Accuracy Writ of Learned Accuracy 300 Consumable
Writ of Calculated Strength Writ of Calculated Strength 225 Consumable
Writ of Calculated Malice Writ of Calculated Malice 225 Consumable
Writ of Calculated Accuracy Writ of Calculated Accuracy 225 Consumable
Writ of Basic Strength Writ of Basic Strength 0 Consumable
Writ of Basic Speed Writ of Basic Speed 225 Consumable
Writ of Basic Malice Writ of Basic Malice 0 Consumable
Writ of Basic Accuracy Writ of Basic Accuracy 0 Consumable
Writ of Accuracy Writ of Accuracy 75 Consumable
Worn Pillar Worn Pillar 125 Guild Decoration
Worn Arch Worn Arch 150 Guild Decoration
Woodfire Grill Woodfire Grill 400 Guild Decoration
Wintersday Tree Wintersday Tree 375 Guild Decoration
Wintersday Star Wintersday Star 300 Guild Decoration
Wintersday Music Platform Wintersday Music Platform 100 Guild Decoration
Wintersday Garland Wintersday Garland 275 Guild Decoration
Windmill Wheel Windmill Wheel 300 Guild Decoration
Wide Library Shelf Wide Library Shelf 400 Guild Decoration
White Wintersday Gift White Wintersday Gift 275 Guild Decoration
White Flag White Flag 150 Guild Decoration
Wedge of Snow Wedge of Snow 150 Guild Decoration
Weathered Elonian Obelisk Weathered Elonian Obelisk 250 Guild Decoration