Crafting recipes for Scribe

807 results
Name asc Level Type
White Flag White Flag 150 Guild Decoration
Wedge of Snow Wedge of Snow 150 Guild Decoration
Weathered Elonian Obelisk Weathered Elonian Obelisk 250 Guild Decoration
Weathered Elonian Column Weathered Elonian Column 225 Guild Decoration
Weathered Elonian Arch Weathered Elonian Arch 225 Guild Decoration
Wave of the Solid Ocean Wave of the Solid Ocean 300 Guild Decoration
Visage of Madness Visage of Madness 250 Guild Decoration
Vined Lattice Vined Lattice 50 Guild Decoration
Victorious Dragon Bash Poster Victorious Dragon Bash Poster 200 Guild Decoration
Vial of Linseed Oil Vial of Linseed Oil 0 Refinement
Vial of Enchanted Water Vial of Enchanted Water 150 Guild Consumable (WvW)
Vault Transport Vault Transport 350 Guild Consumable
Uzolan's Mechanical Orchestra Uzolan's Mechanical Orchestra 400 Guild Decoration
Unimpressive King Frog Unimpressive King Frog 100 Guild Decoration
Unchained Platform Unchained Platform 250 Guild Decoration
Tyrian Globe Tyrian Globe 400 Guild Decoration
Triumphant Dragon Bash Poster Triumphant Dragon Bash Poster 200 Guild Decoration
Tray of Eggnog Tray of Eggnog 100 Guild Decoration
Toymaker's Machine Toymaker's Machine 400 Guild Decoration
Tiger Statue Tiger Statue 325 Guild Decoration
Throne Throne 125 Guild Decoration
Thorny Mushroom Thorny Mushroom 325 Guild Decoration
Thorny Jack-o'-Lantern Thorny Jack-o'-Lantern 350 Guild Decoration
Thin Candlestick Thin Candlestick 350 Guild Decoration
Thesis on Studied Strength Thesis on Studied Strength 200 Feast
Thesis on Studied Speed Thesis on Studied Speed 400 Feast
Thesis on Studied Malice Thesis on Studied Malice 200 Feast
Thesis on Studied Accuracy Thesis on Studied Accuracy 200 Feast
Thesis on Strength Thesis on Strength 125 Feast
Thesis on Speed Thesis on Speed 350 Feast
Thesis on Masterful Strength Thesis on Masterful Strength 400 Feast
Thesis on Masterful Malice Thesis on Masterful Malice 400 Feast
Thesis on Masterful Accuracy Thesis on Masterful Accuracy 400 Feast
Thesis on Malice Thesis on Malice 125 Feast
Thesis on Learned Strength Thesis on Learned Strength 350 Feast
Thesis on Learned Malice Thesis on Learned Malice 350 Feast
Thesis on Learned Accuracy Thesis on Learned Accuracy 350 Feast
Thesis on Calculated Strength Thesis on Calculated Strength 275 Feast
Thesis on Calculated Malice Thesis on Calculated Malice 275 Feast
Thesis on Calculated Accuracy Thesis on Calculated Accuracy 275 Feast
Thesis on Basic Strength Thesis on Basic Strength 50 Feast
Thesis on Basic Speed Thesis on Basic Speed 275 Feast
Thesis on Basic Malice Thesis on Basic Malice 50 Feast
Thesis on Basic Accuracy Thesis on Basic Accuracy 50 Feast
Thesis on Accuracy Thesis on Accuracy 125 Feast
Tall Lattice Tall Lattice 150 Guild Decoration
Tall Elonian Column Tall Elonian Column 275 Guild Decoration
Tall Candlestick Tall Candlestick 400 Guild Decoration
Tall Academic Arch Tall Academic Arch 400 Guild Decoration
Sylvari Summit Flag Sylvari Summit Flag 225 Guild Decoration