Crafting recipes for Scribe

800 results
Name Level Type asc
Linen Rope Linen Rope 0 Component
Bag of Crystalline Blotting Powder Bag of Crystalline Blotting Powder 400 Component
Bag of Dolyak Chow Bag of Dolyak Chow 0 Component
Crate of Training Supplies Crate of Training Supplies 150 Component
Bag of Crystalline Energy Bag of Crystalline Energy 400 Component
Orichalcum Reinforcing Plate Orichalcum Reinforcing Plate 400 Component
Sturdy Scribe's Tools Sturdy Scribe's Tools 75 Component
Grandmaster's Scribing Kit Grandmaster's Scribing Kit 400 Component
Orichalcum Chisel Orichalcum Chisel 400 Component
Sheet of Fine Sandpaper Sheet of Fine Sandpaper 225 Component
Fine Book Fine Book 175 Component
Box of Banner Supplies Box of Banner Supplies 100 Component
Bag of Shimmering Blotting Powder Bag of Shimmering Blotting Powder 75 Component
Seasoned Wood Pen Seasoned Wood Pen 150 Component
Fine Book Cover Fine Book Cover 175 Component
Ornate Scribe's Tools Ornate Scribe's Tools 300 Component
Sheet of Premium Paper Sheet of Premium Paper 400 Component
Simple Finishing Kit Simple Finishing Kit 0 Component
Simple Scribing Kit Simple Scribing Kit 0 Component
Journeyman's Ink Set Journeyman's Ink Set 225 Component
Bag of Glittering Blotting Powder Bag of Glittering Blotting Powder 0 Component
Quality Book Cover Quality Book Cover 325 Component
Fine Finishing Kit Fine Finishing Kit 150 Component
Basic Finishing Kit Basic Finishing Kit 75 Component
Master's Finishing Kit Master's Finishing Kit 300 Component
Copper Reinforcing Plate Copper Reinforcing Plate 0 Component
Mithril Craftsman's Hammer Mithril Craftsman's Hammer 300 Component
Bronze Craftsman's Hammer Bronze Craftsman's Hammer 0 Component
Simple Ink Set Simple Ink Set 0 Component
Sheet of Fine Paper Sheet of Fine Paper 150 Component
Steel Chisel Steel Chisel 150 Component
Exquisite Book Exquisite Book 400 Component
Sheet of Ultrafine Sandpaper Sheet of Ultrafine Sandpaper 400 Component
Branded Matrix Branded Matrix 400 Component
Gleaming Matrix Gleaming Matrix 400 Component
Embossed Matrix Embossed Matrix 100 Component
Iron Chisel Iron Chisel 75 Component
Bag of Luminous Blotting Powder Bag of Luminous Blotting Powder 225 Component
Premium Book Cover Premium Book Cover 400 Component
Sheet of Extra Coarse Sandpaper Sheet of Extra Coarse Sandpaper 0 Component
Darksteel Craftsman's Hammer Darksteel Craftsman's Hammer 225 Component
Basic Book Basic Book 100 Component
Coarse Book Cover Coarse Book Cover 25 Component
Orichalcum Nib Orichalcum Nib 400 Component
Gold Nib Gold Nib 150 Component
Iron Craftsman's Hammer Iron Craftsman's Hammer 75 Component
Basic Ink Set Basic Ink Set 75 Component
Ancient Wood Pen Ancient Wood Pen 400 Component
Sheet of Quality Paper Sheet of Quality Paper 300 Component
Linen Supply Sack Linen Supply Sack 0 Component