Crafting recipes for Tailor

1856 results
Name Level asc Type
Ahamid's Soldier Insignia Ahamid's Soldier Insignia 500 Insignia
Damask Helm Strap Damask Helm Strap 500 Component
Morbach's Breeches Morbach's Breeches 500 Leggings
Saphir's Wristguards Saphir's Wristguards 500 Gloves
Morbach's Footwear Morbach's Footwear 500 Boots
Saphir's Epaulets Saphir's Epaulets 500 Shoulders
Morbach's Masque Morbach's Masque 500 Helm
Saphir's Doublet Saphir's Doublet 500 Coat
Ventari's Nomad Insignia Ventari's Nomad Insignia 500 Insignia
Verata's Wristguards Verata's Wristguards 500 Gloves
Second Order Mist Frame Second Order Mist Frame 500 Legendary Component
Laranthir's Wristguards Laranthir's Wristguards 500 Gloves
Pristine Mist Essence Pristine Mist Essence 500 Legendary Component
Crystalline Ingot Crystalline Ingot 500 Component
24-Slot Gossamer Saddlebag 24-Slot Gossamer Saddlebag 500 Bag
Nadijeh's Masque Nadijeh's Masque 500 Helm
Tixx's Footwear Tixx's Footwear 500 Boots
Nerashi's Breeches Nerashi's Breeches 500 Leggings
Forgemaster's Rampager Insignia Forgemaster's Rampager Insignia 500 Insignia
Damask Pants Lining Damask Pants Lining 500 Component
Tateos's Breeches Tateos's Breeches 500 Leggings
Leftpaw's Wristguards Leftpaw's Wristguards 500 Gloves
Tateos's Footwear Tateos's Footwear 500 Boots
Leftpaw's Epaulets Leftpaw's Epaulets 500 Shoulders
Tateos's Masque Tateos's Masque 500 Helm
Leftpaw's Doublet Leftpaw's Doublet 500 Coat
Ventari's Wristguards Ventari's Wristguards 500 Gloves
Bound Wings Bound Wings 500 Legendary Component
Damask Breather Strap Damask Breather Strap 500 Component
Ossa's Epaulets Ossa's Epaulets 500 Shoulders
Svaard's Breeches Svaard's Breeches 500 Leggings
Ruka's Doublet Ruka's Doublet 500 Coat
Refined Envoy Cowl Refined Envoy Cowl 500 Helm
Thackeray's Doublet Thackeray's Doublet 500 Coat
The Twins' Masque The Twins' Masque 500 Helm
Giftbringer's Insignia Giftbringer's Insignia 500 Insignia
Ascended Banner of the Dauntless Commander Ascended Banner of the Dauntless Commander 500 Backpack
Saphir's Assassin Insignia Saphir's Assassin Insignia 500 Insignia
Damask Pants Panel Damask Pants Panel 500 Component
Hronk's Breeches Hronk's Breeches 500 Leggings
Angchu Wristguards Angchu Wristguards 500 Gloves
Hronk's Footwear Hronk's Footwear 500 Boots
Angchu Epaulets Angchu Epaulets 500 Shoulders
Hronk's Masque Hronk's Masque 500 Helm
Angchu Doublet Angchu Doublet 500 Coat
Saphir's Cloth Breather Saphir's Cloth Breather 500 Helm
Tizlak's Footwear Tizlak's Footwear 500 Boots
Leftpaw's Cloth Breather Leftpaw's Cloth Breather 500 Helm
Maklain's Breeches Maklain's Breeches 500 Leggings
Tizlak's Doublet Tizlak's Doublet 500 Coat