Crafting recipes for Tailor

1952 results
Name Level asc Type
Wei Qi's Epaulets Wei Qi's Epaulets 500 Shoulders
Wupwup Masque Wupwup Masque 500 Helm
Occam's Masque Occam's Masque 500 Helm
Ferratus's Masque Ferratus's Masque 500 Helm
Morbach's Masque Morbach's Masque 500 Helm
Tateos's Masque Tateos's Masque 500 Helm
Hronk's Masque Hronk's Masque 500 Helm
Veldrunner Masque Veldrunner Masque 500 Helm
Gobrech's Masque Gobrech's Masque 500 Helm
Zojja's Masque Zojja's Masque 500 Helm
Ahamid's Masque Ahamid's Masque 500 Helm
Forgemaster's Masque Forgemaster's Masque 500 Helm
Saphir's Masque Saphir's Masque 500 Helm
Leftpaw's Masque Leftpaw's Masque 500 Helm
Angchu Masque Angchu Masque 500 Helm
Beigarth's Masque Beigarth's Masque 500 Helm
Zintl Masque Zintl Masque 500 Helm
Wei Qi's Masque Wei Qi's Masque 500 Helm
Wupwup Doublet Wupwup Doublet 500 Coat
Occam's Doublet Occam's Doublet 500 Coat
Ferratus's Doublet Ferratus's Doublet 500 Coat
Morbach's Doublet Morbach's Doublet 500 Coat
Tateos's Doublet Tateos's Doublet 500 Coat
Hronk's Doublet Hronk's Doublet 500 Coat
Veldrunner Doublet Veldrunner Doublet 500 Coat
Gobrech's Doublet Gobrech's Doublet 500 Coat
Zojja's Doublet Zojja's Doublet 500 Coat
Ahamid's Doublet Ahamid's Doublet 500 Coat
Forgemaster's Doublet Forgemaster's Doublet 500 Coat
Saphir's Doublet Saphir's Doublet 500 Coat
Leftpaw's Doublet Leftpaw's Doublet 500 Coat
Angchu Doublet Angchu Doublet 500 Coat
Beigarth's Doublet Beigarth's Doublet 500 Coat
Zintl Doublet Zintl Doublet 500 Coat
Wei Qi's Doublet Wei Qi's Doublet 500 Coat
Keeper's Zealot Insignia Keeper's Zealot Insignia 500 Insignia
Keeper's Wristguards Keeper's Wristguards 500 Gloves
Keeper's Breeches Keeper's Breeches 500 Leggings
Keeper's Doublet Keeper's Doublet 500 Coat
Keeper's Footwear Keeper's Footwear 500 Boots
Keeper's Epaulets Keeper's Epaulets 500 Shoulders
Keeper's Masque Keeper's Masque 500 Helm
Gift of Blades Gift of Blades 500 Component
Chaos of Lyssa Chaos of Lyssa 500 Backpack
Ventari's Nomad Insignia Ventari's Nomad Insignia 500 Insignia
Ventari's Wristguards Ventari's Wristguards 500 Gloves
Ventari's Doublet Ventari's Doublet 500 Coat
Ventari's Masque Ventari's Masque 500 Helm
Ventari's Breeches Ventari's Breeches 500 Leggings
Ventari's Footwear Ventari's Footwear 500 Boots