Crafting recipes for Weaponsmith

2395 results
Name Level desc Type
Hunter's Steel Sword Hunter's Steel Sword 200 Sword
Honed Steel Sword Honed Steel Sword 200 Sword
Hearty Steel Sword Hearty Steel Sword 200 Sword
Ravaging Steel Hammer Ravaging Steel Hammer 200 Hammer
Strong Steel Hammer Strong Steel Hammer 200 Hammer
Vigorous Steel Hammer Vigorous Steel Hammer 200 Hammer
Hunter's Steel Hammer Hunter's Steel Hammer 200 Hammer
Honed Steel Hammer Honed Steel Hammer 200 Hammer
Hearty Steel Hammer Hearty Steel Hammer 200 Hammer
Ravaging Steel Mace Ravaging Steel Mace 200 Mace
Strong Steel Mace Strong Steel Mace 200 Mace
Vigorous Steel Mace Vigorous Steel Mace 200 Mace
Hunter's Steel Mace Hunter's Steel Mace 200 Mace
Honed Steel Mace Honed Steel Mace 200 Mace
Hearty Steel Mace Hearty Steel Mace 200 Mace
Ravaging Steel Axe Ravaging Steel Axe 200 Axe
Strong Steel Axe Strong Steel Axe 200 Axe
Vigorous Steel Axe Vigorous Steel Axe 200 Axe
Hunter's Steel Axe Hunter's Steel Axe 200 Axe
Honed Steel Axe Honed Steel Axe 200 Axe
Hearty Steel Axe Hearty Steel Axe 200 Axe
Ravaging Steel Dagger Ravaging Steel Dagger 200 Dagger
Strong Steel Dagger Strong Steel Dagger 200 Dagger
Vigorous Steel Dagger Vigorous Steel Dagger 200 Dagger
Hunter's Steel Dagger Hunter's Steel Dagger 200 Dagger
Honed Steel Dagger Honed Steel Dagger 200 Dagger
Hearty Steel Dagger Hearty Steel Dagger 200 Dagger
Ravaging Steel Greatsword Ravaging Steel Greatsword 200 Greatsword
Strong Steel Greatsword Strong Steel Greatsword 200 Greatsword
Vigorous Steel Greatsword Vigorous Steel Greatsword 200 Greatsword
Hunter's Steel Greatsword Hunter's Steel Greatsword 200 Greatsword
Honed Steel Greatsword Honed Steel Greatsword 200 Greatsword
Hearty Steel Greatsword Hearty Steel Greatsword 200 Greatsword
Ravaging Steel Spear Ravaging Steel Spear 200 Harpoon
Strong Steel Spear Strong Steel Spear 200 Harpoon
Vigorous Steel Spear Vigorous Steel Spear 200 Harpoon
Hunter's Steel Spear Hunter's Steel Spear 200 Harpoon
Honed Steel Spear Honed Steel Spear 200 Harpoon
Hearty Steel Spear Hearty Steel Spear 200 Harpoon
Major Sigil of Strength Major Sigil of Strength 200 Updrage
Rejuvenating Steel Shield Rejuvenating Steel Shield 200 Shield
Rejuvenating Steel Sword Rejuvenating Steel Sword 200 Sword
Rejuvenating Steel Hammer Rejuvenating Steel Hammer 200 Hammer
Rejuvenating Steel Mace Rejuvenating Steel Mace 200 Mace
Rejuvenating Steel Axe Rejuvenating Steel Axe 200 Axe
Rejuvenating Steel Dagger Rejuvenating Steel Dagger 200 Dagger
Rejuvenating Steel Greatsword Rejuvenating Steel Greatsword 200 Greatsword
Rejuvenating Steel Spear Rejuvenating Steel Spear 200 Harpoon
Ravaging Dredge Bonehewer Ravaging Dredge Bonehewer 200 Axe
Rejuvenating Dredge Bonehewer Rejuvenating Dredge Bonehewer 200 Axe