Crafting recipes for Weaponsmith

2550 results
Name Level desc Type
Ravaging Dredge Edge Ravaging Dredge Edge 200 Sword
Rejuvenating Dredge Edge Rejuvenating Dredge Edge 200 Sword
Honed Dredge Edge Honed Dredge Edge 200 Sword
Hunter's Dredge Edge Hunter's Dredge Edge 200 Sword
Strong Dredge Edge Strong Dredge Edge 200 Sword
Vigorous Dredge Edge Vigorous Dredge Edge 200 Sword
Hearty Dredge Edge Hearty Dredge Edge 200 Sword
Giver's Iron Axe Giver's Iron Axe 200 Axe
Giver's Iron Dagger Giver's Iron Dagger 200 Dagger
Giver's Iron Greatsword Giver's Iron Greatsword 200 Greatsword
Giver's Iron Hammer Giver's Iron Hammer 200 Hammer
Giver's Iron Mace Giver's Iron Mace 200 Mace
Giver's Iron Shield Giver's Iron Shield 200 Shield
Giver's Iron Spear Giver's Iron Spear 200 Harpoon
Giver's Iron Sword Giver's Iron Sword 200 Sword
Giver's Steel-Plated Inscription Giver's Steel-Plated Inscription 200 Inscription
Hard Wood Plank Hard Wood Plank 225 Refinement
Darksteel Ingot Darksteel Ingot 225 Refinement
Cured Rugged Leather Square Cured Rugged Leather Square 225 Refinement
Hard Wood Dowel Hard Wood Dowel 225 Refinement
Carrion Hard Inscription Carrion Hard Inscription 225 Inscription
Knight's Hard Inscription Knight's Hard Inscription 225 Inscription
Valkyrie Hard Inscription Valkyrie Hard Inscription 225 Inscription
Darksteel Axe Blade Darksteel Axe Blade 225 Component
Crusader's Shield Crusader's Shield 225 Shield
Small Hard Haft Small Hard Haft 225 Component
Darksteel Dagger Blade Darksteel Dagger Blade 225 Component
Darksteel Dagger Hilt Darksteel Dagger Hilt 225 Component
Darksteel Greatsword Blade Darksteel Greatsword Blade 225 Component
Darksteel Greatsword Hilt Darksteel Greatsword Hilt 225 Component
Darksteel Hammer Head Darksteel Hammer Head 225 Component
Large Hard Haft Large Hard Haft 225 Component
Darksteel Mace Head Darksteel Mace Head 225 Component
Darksteel Sword Blade Darksteel Sword Blade 225 Component
Darksteel Sword Hilt Darksteel Sword Hilt 225 Component
Quality Sharpening Stone Quality Sharpening Stone 225 Consumable
Darksteel Spear Head Darksteel Spear Head 225 Component
Major Sigil of Benevolence Major Sigil of Benevolence 225 Updrage
Carrion Darksteel Shield Carrion Darksteel Shield 225 Shield
Knight's Darksteel Shield Knight's Darksteel Shield 225 Shield
Valkyrie Darksteel Shield Valkyrie Darksteel Shield 225 Shield
Carrion Darksteel Sword Carrion Darksteel Sword 225 Sword
Knight's Darksteel Sword Knight's Darksteel Sword 225 Sword
Valkyrie Darksteel Sword Valkyrie Darksteel Sword 225 Sword
Carrion Darksteel Hammer Carrion Darksteel Hammer 225 Hammer
Knight's Darksteel Hammer Knight's Darksteel Hammer 225 Hammer
Valkyrie Darksteel Hammer Valkyrie Darksteel Hammer 225 Hammer
Carrion Darksteel Mace Carrion Darksteel Mace 225 Mace
Knight's Darksteel Mace Knight's Darksteel Mace 225 Mace
Valkyrie Darksteel Mace Valkyrie Darksteel Mace 225 Mace