Crafting recipes for Weaponsmith

2550 results
Name Level desc Type
Rampager's Ogre Longsword Rampager's Ogre Longsword 275 Greatsword
Knight's Ogre Longsword Knight's Ogre Longsword 275 Greatsword
Carrion Ogre Breaker Carrion Ogre Breaker 275 Hammer
Cleric's Ogre Breaker Cleric's Ogre Breaker 275 Hammer
Assassin's Ogre Breaker Assassin's Ogre Breaker 275 Hammer
Berserker's Ogre Breaker Berserker's Ogre Breaker 275 Hammer
Valkyrie Ogre Breaker Valkyrie Ogre Breaker 275 Hammer
Rampager's Ogre Breaker Rampager's Ogre Breaker 275 Hammer
Knight's Ogre Breaker Knight's Ogre Breaker 275 Hammer
Carrion Ogre Javelin Carrion Ogre Javelin 275 Harpoon
Cleric's Ogre Javelin Cleric's Ogre Javelin 275 Harpoon
Assassin's Ogre Javelin Assassin's Ogre Javelin 275 Harpoon
Berserker's Ogre Javelin Berserker's Ogre Javelin 275 Harpoon
Valkyrie Ogre Javelin Valkyrie Ogre Javelin 275 Harpoon
Rampager's Ogre Javelin Rampager's Ogre Javelin 275 Harpoon
Knight's Ogre Javelin Knight's Ogre Javelin 275 Harpoon
Carrion Ogre Bludgeoner Carrion Ogre Bludgeoner 275 Mace
Cleric's Ogre Bludgeoner Cleric's Ogre Bludgeoner 275 Mace
Assassin's Ogre Bludgeoner Assassin's Ogre Bludgeoner 275 Mace
Berserker's Ogre Bludgeoner Berserker's Ogre Bludgeoner 275 Mace
Valkyrie Ogre Bludgeoner Valkyrie Ogre Bludgeoner 275 Mace
Rampager's Ogre Bludgeoner Rampager's Ogre Bludgeoner 275 Mace
Knight's Ogre Bludgeoner Knight's Ogre Bludgeoner 275 Mace
Carrion Ogre Bulwark Carrion Ogre Bulwark 275 Shield
Cleric's Ogre Bulwark Cleric's Ogre Bulwark 275 Shield
Assassin's Ogre Bulwark Assassin's Ogre Bulwark 275 Shield
Berserker's Ogre Bulwark Berserker's Ogre Bulwark 275 Shield
Valkyrie Ogre Bulwark Valkyrie Ogre Bulwark 275 Shield
Rampager's Ogre Bulwark Rampager's Ogre Bulwark 275 Shield
Knight's Ogre Bulwark Knight's Ogre Bulwark 275 Shield
Carrion Ogre Scimitar Carrion Ogre Scimitar 275 Sword
Cleric's Ogre Scimitar Cleric's Ogre Scimitar 275 Sword
Assassin's Ogre Scimitar Assassin's Ogre Scimitar 275 Sword
Berserker's Ogre Scimitar Berserker's Ogre Scimitar 275 Sword
Valkyrie Ogre Scimitar Valkyrie Ogre Scimitar 275 Sword
Rampager's Ogre Scimitar Rampager's Ogre Scimitar 275 Sword
Knight's Ogre Scimitar Knight's Ogre Scimitar 275 Sword
Assassin's Godskull Sickle Assassin's Godskull Sickle 275 Axe
Assassin's Godskull Kris Assassin's Godskull Kris 275 Dagger
Assassin's Godskull Slayer Assassin's Godskull Slayer 275 Greatsword
Assassin's Godskull Crusher Assassin's Godskull Crusher 275 Hammer
Assassin's Godskull Impaler Assassin's Godskull Impaler 275 Harpoon
Assassin's Godskull Warclub Assassin's Godskull Warclub 275 Mace
Assassin's Godskull Targe Assassin's Godskull Targe 275 Shield
Assassin's Godskull Edge Assassin's Godskull Edge 275 Sword
Major Sigil of the Night Major Sigil of the Night 275 Updrage
Bringer's Ogre Cleaver Bringer's Ogre Cleaver 275 Axe
Bringer's Ogre Dirk Bringer's Ogre Dirk 275 Dagger
Bringer's Darksteel Greatsword Bringer's Darksteel Greatsword 275 Greatsword
Bringer's Darksteel Hammer Bringer's Darksteel Hammer 275 Hammer