Crafting recipes for Weaponsmith

2395 results
Name Level desc Type
Mighty Bronze Shield Mighty Bronze Shield 0 Shield
Mighty Bronze Sword Mighty Bronze Sword 0 Sword
Mighty Bronze Hammer Mighty Bronze Hammer 0 Hammer
Mighty Bronze Mace Mighty Bronze Mace 0 Mace
Mighty Bronze Axe Mighty Bronze Axe 0 Axe
Mighty Bronze Dagger Mighty Bronze Dagger 0 Dagger
Mighty Bronze Greatsword Mighty Bronze Greatsword 0 Greatsword
Mighty Bronze Spear Mighty Bronze Spear 0 Harpoon
Simple Weaponsmith's Backpack Simple Weaponsmith's Backpack 0 Backpack
Simple Weaponsmith's Tools Simple Weaponsmith's Tools 0 Component
Vial of Linseed Oil Vial of Linseed Oil 0 Refinement
Asuran Harpoon Asuran Harpoon 5 Harpoon
Healing Green Inscription Healing Green Inscription 25 Inscription
Precise Green Inscription Precise Green Inscription 25 Inscription
Resilient Green Inscription Resilient Green Inscription 25 Inscription
Healing Bronze Shield Healing Bronze Shield 25 Shield
Precise Bronze Shield Precise Bronze Shield 25 Shield
Resilient Bronze Shield Resilient Bronze Shield 25 Shield
Healing Bronze Sword Healing Bronze Sword 25 Sword
Precise Bronze Sword Precise Bronze Sword 25 Sword
Resilient Bronze Sword Resilient Bronze Sword 25 Sword
Healing Bronze Hammer Healing Bronze Hammer 25 Hammer
Precise Bronze Hammer Precise Bronze Hammer 25 Hammer
Resilient Bronze Hammer Resilient Bronze Hammer 25 Hammer
Healing Bronze Mace Healing Bronze Mace 25 Mace
Precise Bronze Mace Precise Bronze Mace 25 Mace
Resilient Bronze Mace Resilient Bronze Mace 25 Mace
Healing Bronze Axe Healing Bronze Axe 25 Axe
Precise Bronze Axe Precise Bronze Axe 25 Axe
Resilient Bronze Axe Resilient Bronze Axe 25 Axe
Healing Bronze Dagger Healing Bronze Dagger 25 Dagger
Precise Bronze Dagger Precise Bronze Dagger 25 Dagger
Resilient Bronze Dagger Resilient Bronze Dagger 25 Dagger
Healing Bronze Greatsword Healing Bronze Greatsword 25 Greatsword
Precise Bronze Greatsword Precise Bronze Greatsword 25 Greatsword
Resilient Bronze Greatsword Resilient Bronze Greatsword 25 Greatsword
Healing Bronze Spear Healing Bronze Spear 25 Harpoon
Precise Bronze Spear Precise Bronze Spear 25 Harpoon
Resilient Bronze Spear Resilient Bronze Spear 25 Harpoon
Minor Sigil of Benevolence Minor Sigil of Benevolence 25 Updrage
Irradiated Sword Irradiated Sword 25 Sword
Giver's Bronze Axe Giver's Bronze Axe 25 Axe
Giver's Bronze Dagger Giver's Bronze Dagger 25 Dagger
Giver's Bronze Greatsword Giver's Bronze Greatsword 25 Greatsword
Giver's Bronze Hammer Giver's Bronze Hammer 25 Hammer
Giver's Bronze Mace Giver's Bronze Mace 25 Mace
Giver's Bronze Shield Giver's Bronze Shield 25 Shield
Giver's Bronze Spear Giver's Bronze Spear 25 Harpoon
Giver's Bronze Sword Giver's Bronze Sword 25 Sword
Giver's Green Inscription Giver's Green Inscription 25 Inscription