Crafting recipes for Weaponsmith

2394 results
Name Level asc Type
Hearty Iron Shield Hearty Iron Shield 100 Shield
Hearty Iron Axe Hearty Iron Axe 100 Axe
Rejuvenating Iron Sword Rejuvenating Iron Sword 100 Sword
Rejuvenating Iron Hammer Rejuvenating Iron Hammer 100 Hammer
Rejuvenating Iron Greatsword Rejuvenating Iron Greatsword 100 Greatsword
Strong Iron Sword Strong Iron Sword 100 Sword
Strong Iron Dagger Strong Iron Dagger 100 Dagger
Honed Iron Sword Honed Iron Sword 100 Sword
Honed Iron Dagger Honed Iron Dagger 100 Dagger
Hearty Iron Sword Hearty Iron Sword 100 Sword
Hearty Iron Dagger Hearty Iron Dagger 100 Dagger
Rejuvenating Soft Inscription Rejuvenating Soft Inscription 100 Inscription
Rejuvenating Iron Mace Rejuvenating Iron Mace 100 Mace
Rejuvenating Iron Spear Rejuvenating Iron Spear 100 Harpoon
Strong Soft Inscription Strong Soft Inscription 100 Inscription
Strong Iron Hammer Strong Iron Hammer 100 Hammer
Strong Iron Greatsword Strong Iron Greatsword 100 Greatsword
Honed Soft Inscription Honed Soft Inscription 100 Inscription
Honed Iron Hammer Honed Iron Hammer 100 Hammer
Honed Iron Greatsword Honed Iron Greatsword 100 Greatsword
Hearty Soft Inscription Hearty Soft Inscription 100 Inscription
Hearty Iron Hammer Hearty Iron Hammer 100 Hammer
Hearty Iron Greatsword Hearty Iron Greatsword 100 Greatsword
Rejuvenating Iron Axe Rejuvenating Iron Axe 100 Axe
Strong Iron Mace Strong Iron Mace 100 Mace
Strong Iron Spear Strong Iron Spear 100 Harpoon
Honed Iron Mace Honed Iron Mace 100 Mace
Honed Iron Spear Honed Iron Spear 100 Harpoon
Hearty Iron Mace Hearty Iron Mace 100 Mace
Hearty Iron Spear Hearty Iron Spear 100 Harpoon
Minor Sigil of the Night Minor Sigil of the Night 75 Updrage
Iron Sword Hilt Iron Sword Hilt 75 Component
Iron Spear Head Iron Spear Head 75 Component
Vigorous Iron Shield Vigorous Iron Shield 75 Shield
Vigorous Iron Axe Vigorous Iron Axe 75 Axe
Soft Wood Dowel Soft Wood Dowel 75 Refinement
Iron Greatsword Hilt Iron Greatsword Hilt 75 Component
Iron Axe Blade Iron Axe Blade 75 Component
Ravaging Iron Sword Ravaging Iron Sword 75 Sword
Ravaging Iron Dagger Ravaging Iron Dagger 75 Dagger
Iron Dagger Hilt Iron Dagger Hilt 75 Component
Hunter's Iron Sword Hunter's Iron Sword 75 Sword
Hunter's Iron Dagger Hunter's Iron Dagger 75 Dagger
Sturdy Weaponsmith's Tools Sturdy Weaponsmith's Tools 75 Component
Iron Mace Head Iron Mace Head 75 Component
Vigorous Iron Sword Vigorous Iron Sword 75 Sword
Vigorous Iron Dagger Vigorous Iron Dagger 75 Dagger
Minor Sigil of Doom Minor Sigil of Doom 75 Updrage
Ravaging Soft Inscription Ravaging Soft Inscription 75 Inscription
Simple Sharpening Stone Simple Sharpening Stone 75 Consumable