Crafting recipes for Weaponsmith

2395 results
Name Level Type desc
Stonecleaver's Warhammer Stonecleaver's Warhammer 500 Hammer
Laranthir's Warhammer Laranthir's Warhammer 500 Hammer
Mathilde's Warhammer Mathilde's Warhammer 500 Hammer
Grizzlemouth's Warhammer Grizzlemouth's Warhammer 500 Hammer
Leftpaw's Warhammer Leftpaw's Warhammer 500 Hammer
Zojja's Warhammer Zojja's Warhammer 500 Hammer
Angchu Warhammer Angchu Warhammer 500 Hammer
Magi's Pearl Crusher Magi's Pearl Crusher 400 Hammer
Dire Pearl Crusher Dire Pearl Crusher 400 Hammer
Handcrafted Pulse Hammer Handcrafted Pulse Hammer 400 Hammer
Apothecary's Krait Warhammer Apothecary's Krait Warhammer 375 Hammer
Coalforge's Warhammer Coalforge's Warhammer 500 Hammer
Apothecary's Primordus Maul Apothecary's Primordus Maul 400 Hammer
Apothecary's Pearl Crusher Apothecary's Pearl Crusher 400 Hammer
Handcrafted Steamsmash Handcrafted Steamsmash 400 Hammer
Assassin's Auric Hammer Assassin's Auric Hammer 400 Hammer
Giver's Bronze Hammer Giver's Bronze Hammer 25 Hammer
Ebonmane's Warhammer Ebonmane's Warhammer 500 Hammer
Chorben's Warhammer Chorben's Warhammer 500 Hammer
Giver's Iron Hammer Giver's Iron Hammer 125 Hammer
Marauder Pearl Crusher Marauder Pearl Crusher 400 Hammer
Rabid Pearl Crusher Rabid Pearl Crusher 400 Hammer
Tenebrous Hammer Tenebrous Hammer 450 Hammer
Occam's Warhammer Occam's Warhammer 500 Hammer
Ossa's Warhammer Ossa's Warhammer 500 Hammer
Giftbringer's Warhammer Giftbringer's Warhammer 500 Hammer
Tizlak's Warhammer Tizlak's Warhammer 500 Hammer
Marshal's Astral Orrery Marshal's Astral Orrery 400 Hammer
Svaard's Warhammer Svaard's Warhammer 500 Hammer
Giver's Pearl Crusher Giver's Pearl Crusher 400 Hammer
Carrion Auric Hammer Carrion Auric Hammer 400 Hammer
Pahua's Warhammer Pahua's Warhammer 500 Hammer
Viper's Pearl Crusher Viper's Pearl Crusher 400 Hammer
Valkyrie Auric Hammer Valkyrie Auric Hammer 400 Hammer
Dragonsblood Hammer Dragonsblood Hammer 400 Hammer
Apothecary's Auric Hammer Apothecary's Auric Hammer 400 Hammer
Berserker's Auric Hammer Berserker's Auric Hammer 400 Hammer
Mistbreaker Mistbreaker 500 Hammer
Cleric's Auric Hammer Cleric's Auric Hammer 400 Hammer
Mordant Crusher Mordant Crusher 400 Hammer
Tixx's Warhammer Tixx's Warhammer 500 Hammer
Yassith's Warhammer Yassith's Warhammer 500 Hammer
Sunspear Smasher Sunspear Smasher 400 Hammer
The Twins' Warhammer The Twins' Warhammer 500 Hammer
Trailblazer's Pearl Crusher Trailblazer's Pearl Crusher 400 Hammer
Plaguedoctor's Pearl Crusher Plaguedoctor's Pearl Crusher 400 Hammer
Crusader Auric Hammer Crusader Auric Hammer 400 Hammer
Nadijeh's Warhammer Nadijeh's Warhammer 500 Hammer
Vigilant Pearl Crusher Vigilant Pearl Crusher 400 Hammer
Shimmering Hammer Shimmering Hammer 450 Hammer