Crafting recipes for Weaponsmith

2395 results
Name Level Type desc
Ravaging Dredge Spear Ravaging Dredge Spear 200 Harpoon
Honed Bandit Spear Honed Bandit Spear 125 Harpoon
Hunter's Iron Spear Hunter's Iron Spear 75 Harpoon
Verata's Impaler Verata's Impaler 500 Harpoon
Magi's Pearl Impaler Magi's Pearl Impaler 400 Harpoon
Valkyrie Mithril Spear Valkyrie Mithril Spear 350 Harpoon
Assassin's Godskull Impaler Assassin's Godskull Impaler 275 Harpoon
Ravaging Steel Spear Ravaging Steel Spear 200 Harpoon
Leftpaw's Impaler Leftpaw's Impaler 500 Harpoon
Knight's Darksteel Spear Knight's Darksteel Spear 275 Harpoon
Honed Dredge Spear Honed Dredge Spear 200 Harpoon
Nomad's Pearl Impaler Nomad's Pearl Impaler 400 Harpoon
Strong Bandit Spear Strong Bandit Spear 125 Harpoon
Strong Iron Spear Strong Iron Spear 100 Harpoon
Settler's Pearl Impaler Settler's Pearl Impaler 400 Harpoon
Minstrel's Pearl Impaler Minstrel's Pearl Impaler 400 Harpoon
Svaard's Impaler Svaard's Impaler 500 Harpoon
Cleric's Krait Pilum Cleric's Krait Pilum 375 Harpoon
Sentinel's Pearl Impaler Sentinel's Pearl Impaler 400 Harpoon
Malign Bronze Spear Malign Bronze Spear 0 Harpoon
Vigorous Steel Spear Vigorous Steel Spear 200 Harpoon
Apothecary's Primordus Pike Apothecary's Primordus Pike 400 Harpoon
Beigarth's Impaler Beigarth's Impaler 500 Harpoon
Carrion Mithril Spear Carrion Mithril Spear 300 Harpoon
Strong Dredge Spear Strong Dredge Spear 200 Harpoon
Ventari's Impaler Ventari's Impaler 500 Harpoon
Hearty Bandit Spear Hearty Bandit Spear 125 Harpoon
Hearty Iron Spear Hearty Iron Spear 100 Harpoon
Viper's Pearl Impaler Viper's Pearl Impaler 400 Harpoon
Shaman's Pearl Impaler Shaman's Pearl Impaler 400 Harpoon
Berserker's Krait Pilum Berserker's Krait Pilum 375 Harpoon
Vital Bronze Spear Vital Bronze Spear 0 Harpoon
Honed Steel Spear Honed Steel Spear 200 Harpoon
Tonn's Impaler Tonn's Impaler 500 Harpoon
Valkyrie Mithril Spear Valkyrie Mithril Spear 300 Harpoon
Giver's Iron Spear Giver's Iron Spear 200 Harpoon
Vigilant Pearl Impaler Vigilant Pearl Impaler 400 Harpoon
Tixx's Impaler Tixx's Impaler 500 Harpoon
Sentinel's Mithril Spear Sentinel's Mithril Spear 350 Harpoon
Hearty Dredge Spear Hearty Dredge Spear 200 Harpoon
Hunter's Iron Spear Hunter's Iron Spear 125 Harpoon
Occam's Impaler Occam's Impaler 500 Harpoon
The Twins' Impaler The Twins' Impaler 500 Harpoon
Knight's Darksteel Spear Knight's Darksteel Spear 225 Harpoon
Knight's Krait Pilum Knight's Krait Pilum 375 Harpoon
Crusader Pearl Impaler Crusader Pearl Impaler 400 Harpoon
Precise Bronze Spear Precise Bronze Spear 25 Harpoon
Apothecary's Mithril Spear Apothecary's Mithril Spear 325 Harpoon
Assassin's Mithril Spear Assassin's Mithril Spear 325 Harpoon
Yassith's Impaler Yassith's Impaler 500 Harpoon