Crafting recipes for Armorsmith

1849 results
Name Level asc Type
Rejuvenating Scale Gauntlets Rejuvenating Scale Gauntlets 125 Gloves
Rejuvenating Scale Coat Rejuvenating Scale Coat 125 Coat
Rejuvenating Scale Boots Rejuvenating Scale Boots 125 Boots
Rejuvenating Scale Helm Rejuvenating Scale Helm 125 Helm
Rejuvenating Scale Pauldrons Rejuvenating Scale Pauldrons 125 Shoulders
Rejuvenating Scale Legs Rejuvenating Scale Legs 125 Leggings
Ravaging Gladiator Boots Ravaging Gladiator Boots 125 Boots
Rejuvenating Gladiator Boots Rejuvenating Gladiator Boots 125 Boots
Honed Gladiator Boots Honed Gladiator Boots 125 Boots
Hunter's Gladiator Boots Hunter's Gladiator Boots 125 Boots
Strong Gladiator Boots Strong Gladiator Boots 125 Boots
Vigorous Gladiator Boots Vigorous Gladiator Boots 125 Boots
Hearty Gladiator Boots Hearty Gladiator Boots 125 Boots
Ravaging Gladiator Chestplate Ravaging Gladiator Chestplate 125 Coat
Rejuvenating Gladiator Chestplate Rejuvenating Gladiator Chestplate 125 Coat
Honed Gladiator Chestplate Honed Gladiator Chestplate 125 Coat
Hunter's Gladiator Chestplate Hunter's Gladiator Chestplate 125 Coat
Strong Gladiator Chestplate Strong Gladiator Chestplate 125 Coat
Vigorous Gladiator Chestplate Vigorous Gladiator Chestplate 125 Coat
Hearty Gladiator Chestplate Hearty Gladiator Chestplate 125 Coat
Ravaging Gladiator Gauntlets Ravaging Gladiator Gauntlets 125 Gloves
Rejuvenating Gladiator Gauntlets Rejuvenating Gladiator Gauntlets 125 Gloves
Honed Gladiator Gauntlets Honed Gladiator Gauntlets 125 Gloves
Hunter's Gladiator Gauntlets Hunter's Gladiator Gauntlets 125 Gloves
Strong Gladiator Gauntlets Strong Gladiator Gauntlets 125 Gloves
Vigorous Gladiator Gauntlets Vigorous Gladiator Gauntlets 125 Gloves
Hearty Gladiator Gauntlets Hearty Gladiator Gauntlets 125 Gloves
Ravaging Gladiator Helm Ravaging Gladiator Helm 125 Helm
Rejuvenating Gladiator Helm Rejuvenating Gladiator Helm 125 Helm
Honed Gladiator Helm Honed Gladiator Helm 125 Helm
Hunter's Gladiator Helm Hunter's Gladiator Helm 125 Helm
Strong Gladiator Helm Strong Gladiator Helm 125 Helm
Vigorous Gladiator Helm Vigorous Gladiator Helm 125 Helm
Hearty Gladiator Helm Hearty Gladiator Helm 125 Helm
Ravaging Gladiator Legplates Ravaging Gladiator Legplates 125 Leggings
Rejuvenating Gladiator Legplates Rejuvenating Gladiator Legplates 125 Leggings
Honed Gladiator Legplates Honed Gladiator Legplates 125 Leggings
Hunter's Gladiator Legplates Hunter's Gladiator Legplates 125 Leggings
Strong Gladiator Legplates Strong Gladiator Legplates 125 Leggings
Vigorous Gladiator Legplates Vigorous Gladiator Legplates 125 Leggings
Hearty Gladiator Legplates Hearty Gladiator Legplates 125 Leggings
Ravaging Gladiator Pauldrons Ravaging Gladiator Pauldrons 125 Shoulders
Rejuvenating Gladiator Pauldrons Rejuvenating Gladiator Pauldrons 125 Shoulders
Honed Gladiator Pauldrons Honed Gladiator Pauldrons 125 Shoulders
Hunter's Gladiator Pauldrons Hunter's Gladiator Pauldrons 125 Shoulders
Strong Gladiator Pauldrons Strong Gladiator Pauldrons 125 Shoulders
Vigorous Gladiator Pauldrons Vigorous Gladiator Pauldrons 125 Shoulders
Hearty Gladiator Pauldrons Hearty Gladiator Pauldrons 125 Shoulders
Box of Ravaging Scale Armor Box of Ravaging Scale Armor 125 Bulk
Box of Rejuvenating Scale Armor Box of Rejuvenating Scale Armor 125 Bulk