Crafting recipes for Armorsmith

1950 results
Name asc Level Type
Sinister Draconic Legs Sinister Draconic Legs 400 Leggings
Sinister Draconic Helm Sinister Draconic Helm 400 Helm
Sinister Draconic Gauntlets Sinister Draconic Gauntlets 400 Gloves
Sinister Draconic Coat Sinister Draconic Coat 400 Coat
Sinister Draconic Boots Sinister Draconic Boots 400 Boots
Simple Olmakhan Bandolier Simple Olmakhan Bandolier 400 Bag
Simple Boreal Canteen Simple Boreal Canteen 400 Bag
Simple Armorsmith's Tools Simple Armorsmith's Tools 0 Component
Simple Armorsmith's Backpack Simple Armorsmith's Backpack 0 Backpack
Silk Patch Silk Patch 350 Refinement
Sheet of Charged Ambrite Sheet of Charged Ambrite 400 Refinement
Sheet of Ambrite Sheet of Ambrite 400 Refinement
Shaman's Draconic Pauldrons Shaman's Draconic Pauldrons 400 Shoulders
Shaman's Draconic Legs Shaman's Draconic Legs 400 Leggings
Shaman's Draconic Helm Shaman's Draconic Helm 400 Helm
Shaman's Draconic Gauntlets Shaman's Draconic Gauntlets 400 Gloves
Shaman's Draconic Coat Shaman's Draconic Coat 400 Coat
Shaman's Draconic Boots Shaman's Draconic Boots 400 Boots
Shadow of Grenth Shadow of Grenth 500 Backpack
Settler's Intricate Gossamer Insignia Settler's Intricate Gossamer Insignia 400 Insignia
Settler's Draconic Pauldrons Settler's Draconic Pauldrons 400 Shoulders
Settler's Draconic Legs Settler's Draconic Legs 400 Leggings
Settler's Draconic Helm Settler's Draconic Helm 400 Helm
Settler's Draconic Gauntlets Settler's Draconic Gauntlets 400 Gloves
Settler's Draconic Coat Settler's Draconic Coat 400 Coat
Settler's Draconic Boots Settler's Draconic Boots 400 Boots
Seraph Draconic Pauldrons Seraph Draconic Pauldrons 400 Shoulders
Seraph Draconic Legs Seraph Draconic Legs 400 Leggings
Seraph Draconic Helm Seraph Draconic Helm 400 Helm
Seraph Draconic Gauntlets Seraph Draconic Gauntlets 400 Gloves
Seraph Draconic Coat Seraph Draconic Coat 400 Coat
Seraph Draconic Boots Seraph Draconic Boots 400 Boots
Sepulchre Greaves Sepulchre Greaves 400 Leggings
Sepulchre Greaves Sepulchre Greaves 400 Leggings
Sepulchre Greaves Sepulchre Greaves 400 Leggings
Sentinel's Gladiator Pauldrons Sentinel's Gladiator Pauldrons 375 Shoulders
Sentinel's Gladiator Legplates Sentinel's Gladiator Legplates 375 Leggings
Sentinel's Gladiator Helm Sentinel's Gladiator Helm 375 Helm
Sentinel's Gladiator Gauntlets Sentinel's Gladiator Gauntlets 375 Gloves
Sentinel's Gladiator Chestplate Sentinel's Gladiator Chestplate 375 Coat
Sentinel's Gladiator Boots Sentinel's Gladiator Boots 375 Boots
Sentinel's Draconic Pauldrons Sentinel's Draconic Pauldrons 400 Shoulders
Sentinel's Draconic Legs Sentinel's Draconic Legs 400 Leggings
Sentinel's Draconic Helm Sentinel's Draconic Helm 400 Helm
Sentinel's Draconic Gauntlets Sentinel's Draconic Gauntlets 400 Gloves
Sentinel's Draconic Coat Sentinel's Draconic Coat 400 Coat
Sentinel's Draconic Boots Sentinel's Draconic Boots 400 Boots
Sentinel's Barbaric Pauldrons Sentinel's Barbaric Pauldrons 325 Shoulders
Sentinel's Barbaric Pauldrons Sentinel's Barbaric Pauldrons 350 Shoulders
Sentinel's Barbaric Legplates Sentinel's Barbaric Legplates 325 Leggings