Crafting recipes for Armorsmith

1857 results
Name Level Type asc
Superior Rune of Mercy Superior Rune of Mercy 400 Updrage
Major Rune of the Warrior Major Rune of the Warrior 300 Updrage
Superior Rune of Snowfall Superior Rune of Snowfall 400 Updrage
Superior Rune of the Weaver Superior Rune of the Weaver 400 Updrage
Minor Rune of Altruism Minor Rune of Altruism 100 Updrage
Superior Rune of the Centaur Superior Rune of the Centaur 400 Updrage
Apothecary's Draconic Pauldrons Apothecary's Draconic Pauldrons 400 Shoulders
Dire Draconic Pauldrons Dire Draconic Pauldrons 400 Shoulders
Sentinel's Draconic Pauldrons Sentinel's Draconic Pauldrons 400 Shoulders
Hearty Gladiator Pauldrons Hearty Gladiator Pauldrons 125 Shoulders
Rampager's Tempered Scale Pauldrons Rampager's Tempered Scale Pauldrons 250 Shoulders
Cleric's Draconic Pauldrons Cleric's Draconic Pauldrons 400 Shoulders
Hearty Scale Pauldrons Hearty Scale Pauldrons 100 Shoulders
Honed Splint Pauldrons Honed Splint Pauldrons 200 Shoulders
Berserker's Gladiator Pauldrons Berserker's Gladiator Pauldrons 275 Shoulders
Rejuvenating Scale Pauldrons Rejuvenating Scale Pauldrons 125 Shoulders
Laranthir's Pauldrons Laranthir's Pauldrons 500 Shoulders
Saphir's Pauldrons Saphir's Pauldrons 500 Shoulders
Assassin's Barbaric Pauldrons Assassin's Barbaric Pauldrons 350 Shoulders
Resilient Chain Pauldrons Resilient Chain Pauldrons 50 Shoulders
Soldier's Draconic Pauldrons Soldier's Draconic Pauldrons 400 Shoulders
Cleric's Tempered Scale Pauldrons Cleric's Tempered Scale Pauldrons 275 Shoulders
Berserker's Draconic Pauldrons Berserker's Draconic Pauldrons 400 Shoulders
Hunter's Scale Pauldrons Hunter's Scale Pauldrons 125 Shoulders
Rampager's Gladiator Pauldrons Rampager's Gladiator Pauldrons 275 Shoulders
Angchu Pauldrons Angchu Pauldrons 500 Shoulders
Rampager's Barbaric Pauldrons Rampager's Barbaric Pauldrons 350 Shoulders
Diviner's Draconic Pauldrons Diviner's Draconic Pauldrons 400 Shoulders
Vital Chain Pauldrons Vital Chain Pauldrons 50 Shoulders
Cavalier's Draconic Pauldrons Cavalier's Draconic Pauldrons 400 Shoulders
Berserker's Tempered Scale Pauldrons Berserker's Tempered Scale Pauldrons 275 Shoulders
Ravaging Gladiator Pauldrons Ravaging Gladiator Pauldrons 200 Shoulders
Refined Envoy Pauldrons Refined Envoy Pauldrons 500 Shoulders
Knight's Draconic Pauldrons Knight's Draconic Pauldrons 400 Shoulders
Strong Scale Pauldrons Strong Scale Pauldrons 125 Shoulders
Zintl Pauldrons Zintl Pauldrons 500 Shoulders
Valkyrie Barbaric Pauldrons Valkyrie Barbaric Pauldrons 350 Shoulders
Mighty Chain Pauldrons Mighty Chain Pauldrons 50 Shoulders
Wupwup Pauldrons Wupwup Pauldrons 500 Shoulders
Sentinel's Barbaric Pauldrons Sentinel's Barbaric Pauldrons 325 Shoulders
Knight's Tempered Scale Pauldrons Knight's Tempered Scale Pauldrons 275 Shoulders
Honed Gladiator Pauldrons Honed Gladiator Pauldrons 200 Shoulders
Hearty Scale Pauldrons Hearty Scale Pauldrons 125 Shoulders
Warbeast Pauldrons Warbeast Pauldrons 400 Shoulders
Giftbringer's Pauldrons Giftbringer's Pauldrons 500 Shoulders
Sinister Draconic Pauldrons Sinister Draconic Pauldrons 400 Shoulders
Dual Peaks Dual Peaks 400 Shoulders
Precise Chain Pauldrons Precise Chain Pauldrons 50 Shoulders
Ferratus's Pauldrons Ferratus's Pauldrons 500 Shoulders
Ruka's Pauldrons Ruka's Pauldrons 500 Shoulders