Crafting recipes for Armorsmith

1857 results
Name Level Type asc
Nomad's Draconic Legs Nomad's Draconic Legs 400 Leggings
Cavalier's Draconic Legs Cavalier's Draconic Legs 400 Leggings
Hearty Scale Legs Hearty Scale Legs 100 Leggings
Vigorous Splint Legs Vigorous Splint Legs 200 Leggings
Apothecary's Barbaric Legplates Apothecary's Barbaric Legplates 325 Leggings
Warbeast Tassets Warbeast Tassets 400 Leggings
Cleric's Barbaric Legplates Cleric's Barbaric Legplates 325 Leggings
Strong Gladiator Legplates Strong Gladiator Legplates 125 Leggings
Zintl Tassets Zintl Tassets 500 Leggings
Vital Chain Legs Vital Chain Legs 0 Leggings
Valkyrie Tempered Scale Legs Valkyrie Tempered Scale Legs 225 Leggings
Mail of Mac Quen Mail of Mac Quen 425 Leggings
Spearmarshal's Tassets Spearmarshal's Tassets 400 Leggings
Cleric's Gladiator Legplates Cleric's Gladiator Legplates 275 Leggings
Trailblazer's Draconic Legs Trailblazer's Draconic Legs 400 Leggings
Valkyrie Gladiator Legplates Valkyrie Gladiator Legplates 375 Leggings
The Twins' Tassets The Twins' Tassets 500 Leggings
Viper's Draconic Legs Viper's Draconic Legs 400 Leggings
Wupwup Tassets Wupwup Tassets 500 Leggings
Hunter's Scale Legs Hunter's Scale Legs 125 Leggings
Honed Splint Legs Honed Splint Legs 200 Leggings
Berserker's Barbaric Legplates Berserker's Barbaric Legplates 325 Leggings
Ruka's Tassets Ruka's Tassets 500 Leggings
Hearty Gladiator Legplates Hearty Gladiator Legplates 125 Leggings
Precise Chain Legs Precise Chain Legs 25 Leggings
Assassin's Tempered Scale Legs Assassin's Tempered Scale Legs 250 Leggings
Berserker's Gladiator Legplates Berserker's Gladiator Legplates 275 Leggings
Maklain's Tassets Maklain's Tassets 500 Leggings
Cleric's Draconic Legs Cleric's Draconic Legs 400 Leggings
Ferratus's Tassets Ferratus's Tassets 500 Leggings
Keeper's Tassets Keeper's Tassets 500 Leggings
Strong Scale Legs Strong Scale Legs 125 Leggings
Carrion Barbaric Legplates Carrion Barbaric Legplates 350 Leggings
Barca's Baldric Barca's Baldric 375 Leggings
Giver's Gladiator Legplates Giver's Gladiator Legplates 375 Leggings
Mighty Chain Legs Mighty Chain Legs 0 Leggings
Sinister Draconic Legs Sinister Draconic Legs 400 Leggings
Sentinel's Gladiator Legplates Sentinel's Gladiator Legplates 375 Leggings
Malign Chain Legs Malign Chain Legs 50 Leggings
Rampager's Tempered Scale Legs Rampager's Tempered Scale Legs 250 Leggings
Rampager's Gladiator Legplates Rampager's Gladiator Legplates 275 Leggings
Berserker's Draconic Legs Berserker's Draconic Legs 400 Leggings
Lunatic Templar Tassets Lunatic Templar Tassets 400 Leggings
Tateos's Tassets Tateos's Tassets 500 Leggings
Ornate Guild Tassets Ornate Guild Tassets 450 Leggings
Hearty Scale Legs Hearty Scale Legs 125 Leggings
Apothecary's Barbaric Legplates Apothecary's Barbaric Legplates 350 Leggings
Assassin's Barbaric Legplates Assassin's Barbaric Legplates 350 Leggings
Giver's Splint Legs Giver's Splint Legs 200 Leggings
Zehtuka's Tassets Zehtuka's Tassets 500 Leggings