Crafting recipes for Leatherworker

1861 results
Name Level asc Type
Hearty Leather Shoulders Hearty Leather Shoulders 175 Shoulders
12 Slot Invisible Pack 12 Slot Invisible Pack 175 Bag
12 Slot Oiled Pack 12 Slot Oiled Pack 175 Bag
Rejuvenating Leather Pants Rejuvenating Leather Pants 175 Leggings
Rejuvenating Leather Shoulders Rejuvenating Leather Shoulders 175 Shoulders
Rejuvenating Leather Shoes Rejuvenating Leather Shoes 175 Boots
Rejuvenating Leather Gloves Rejuvenating Leather Gloves 175 Gloves
Rejuvenating Leather Coat Rejuvenating Leather Coat 175 Coat
Rejuvenating Leather Mask Rejuvenating Leather Mask 175 Helm
Satchel of Rejuvenating Leather Armor Satchel of Rejuvenating Leather Armor 175 Bulk
Satchel of Strong Leather Armor Satchel of Strong Leather Armor 175 Bulk
Satchel of Hearty Leather Armor Satchel of Hearty Leather Armor 175 Bulk
Minor Rune of the Ice Minor Rune of the Ice 175 Updrage
Minor Rune of Speed Minor Rune of Speed 175 Updrage
Satchel of Honed Leather Armor Satchel of Honed Leather Armor 175 Bulk
Minor Rune of Tormenting Minor Rune of Tormenting 175 Updrage
Bolt of Cotton Bolt of Cotton 150 Refinement
Steel Ingot Steel Ingot 150 Refinement
Cured Coarse Leather Square Cured Coarse Leather Square 150 Refinement
Ravaging Cotton Insignia Ravaging Cotton Insignia 150 Insignia
Vigorous Cotton Insignia Vigorous Cotton Insignia 150 Insignia
Hunter's Cotton Insignia Hunter's Cotton Insignia 150 Insignia
Coarse Boot Sole Coarse Boot Sole 150 Component
Coarse Boot Upper Coarse Boot Upper 150 Component
Coarse Glove Panel Coarse Glove Panel 150 Component
Coarse Goggle Strap Coarse Goggle Strap 150 Component
Coarse Longcoat Panel Coarse Longcoat Panel 150 Component
Coarse Shoulderguard Panel Coarse Shoulderguard Panel 150 Component
Coarse Trouser Panel Coarse Trouser Panel 150 Component
Coarse Glove Lining Coarse Glove Lining 150 Component
Coarse Goggle Padding Coarse Goggle Padding 150 Component
Coarse Longcoat Padding Coarse Longcoat Padding 150 Component
Coarse Shoulderguard Padding Coarse Shoulderguard Padding 150 Component
Coarse Trouser Padding Coarse Trouser Padding 150 Component
Ravaging Leather Pants Ravaging Leather Pants 150 Leggings
Vigorous Leather Pants Vigorous Leather Pants 150 Leggings
Hunter's Leather Pants Hunter's Leather Pants 150 Leggings
Ravaging Leather Shoes Ravaging Leather Shoes 150 Boots
Vigorous Leather Shoes Vigorous Leather Shoes 150 Boots
Hunter's Leather Shoes Hunter's Leather Shoes 150 Boots
Ravaging Leather Gloves Ravaging Leather Gloves 150 Gloves
Vigorous Leather Gloves Vigorous Leather Gloves 150 Gloves
Hunter's Leather Gloves Hunter's Leather Gloves 150 Gloves
Ravaging Leather Coat Ravaging Leather Coat 150 Coat
Vigorous Leather Coat Vigorous Leather Coat 150 Coat
Hunter's Leather Coat Hunter's Leather Coat 150 Coat
Ravaging Leather Mask Ravaging Leather Mask 150 Helm
Vigorous Leather Mask Vigorous Leather Mask 150 Helm
Hunter's Leather Mask Hunter's Leather Mask 150 Helm
Ravaging Leather Shoulders Ravaging Leather Shoulders 150 Shoulders