Crafting recipes for Leatherworker

1861 results
Name Level asc Type
Strong Outlaw Boots Strong Outlaw Boots 100 Boots
Strong Outlaw Mask Strong Outlaw Mask 100 Helm
10 Slot Invisible Pack 10 Slot Invisible Pack 100 Bag
Rejuvenating Outlaw Gloves Rejuvenating Outlaw Gloves 100 Gloves
Honed Outlaw Boots Honed Outlaw Boots 100 Boots
Honed Outlaw Mask Honed Outlaw Mask 100 Helm
10 Slot Oiled Pack 10 Slot Oiled Pack 100 Bag
Hearty Outlaw Boots Hearty Outlaw Boots 100 Boots
Hearty Outlaw Mask Hearty Outlaw Mask 100 Helm
Strong Outlaw Gloves Strong Outlaw Gloves 100 Gloves
Rejuvenating Outlaw Coat Rejuvenating Outlaw Coat 100 Coat
Honed Outlaw Gloves Honed Outlaw Gloves 100 Gloves
Hearty Outlaw Gloves Hearty Outlaw Gloves 100 Gloves
Giver's Outlaw Mask Giver's Outlaw Mask 75 Helm
Hunter's Wool Insignia Hunter's Wool Insignia 75 Insignia
Thin Glove Strap Thin Glove Strap 75 Component
Vigorous Outlaw Coat Vigorous Outlaw Coat 75 Coat
Vigorous Outlaw Shoulders Vigorous Outlaw Shoulders 75 Shoulders
Satchel of Ravaging Outlaw Armor Satchel of Ravaging Outlaw Armor 75 Bulk
Thin Jerkin Panel Thin Jerkin Panel 75 Component
Satchel of Hunter's Outlaw Armor Satchel of Hunter's Outlaw Armor 75 Bulk
Thin Legging Panel Thin Legging Panel 75 Component
Ravaging Outlaw Pants Ravaging Outlaw Pants 75 Leggings
Satchel of Vigorous Outlaw Armor Satchel of Vigorous Outlaw Armor 75 Bulk
Sturdy Leatherworker's Tools Sturdy Leatherworker's Tools 75 Component
Thin Mask Strap Thin Mask Strap 75 Component
Hunter's Outlaw Pants Hunter's Outlaw Pants 75 Leggings
Thin Shoulderguard Panel Thin Shoulderguard Panel 75 Component
Vigorous Outlaw Pants Vigorous Outlaw Pants 75 Leggings
Giver's Outlaw Gloves Giver's Outlaw Gloves 75 Gloves
Thin Glove Lining Thin Glove Lining 75 Component
Giver's Outlaw Shoulders Giver's Outlaw Shoulders 75 Shoulders
Thin Jerkin Padding Thin Jerkin Padding 75 Component
Ravaging Outlaw Boots Ravaging Outlaw Boots 75 Boots
Ravaging Outlaw Mask Ravaging Outlaw Mask 75 Helm
Bolt of Wool Bolt of Wool 75 Refinement
Thin Legging Padding Thin Legging Padding 75 Component
Hunter's Outlaw Boots Hunter's Outlaw Boots 75 Boots
Hunter's Outlaw Mask Hunter's Outlaw Mask 75 Helm
Mystic Aspect Mystic Aspect 75 Refinement
Thin Mask Panel Thin Mask Panel 75 Component
Vigorous Outlaw Boots Vigorous Outlaw Boots 75 Boots
Vigorous Outlaw Mask Vigorous Outlaw Mask 75 Helm
10 Slot Thin Leather Pack 10 Slot Thin Leather Pack 75 Bag
Sturdy Leatherworker's Backpack Sturdy Leatherworker's Backpack 75 Backpack
Iron Ingot Iron Ingot 75 Refinement
Thin Shoulderguard Padding Thin Shoulderguard Padding 75 Component
Giver's Outlaw Coat Giver's Outlaw Coat 75 Coat
Ravaging Outlaw Gloves Ravaging Outlaw Gloves 75 Gloves
Giver's Outlaw Pants Giver's Outlaw Pants 75 Leggings