Crafting recipes for Weaponsmith

2395 results
Name Level desc Type
Green Wood Plank Green Wood Plank 0 Refinement
Bronze Ingot Bronze Ingot 0 Refinement
Green Wood Dowel Green Wood Dowel 0 Refinement
Malign Green Inscription Malign Green Inscription 0 Inscription
Mighty Green Inscription Mighty Green Inscription 0 Inscription
Vital Green Inscription Vital Green Inscription 0 Inscription
Bronze Axe Blade Bronze Axe Blade 0 Component
Small Green Haft Small Green Haft 0 Component
Bronze Dagger Blade Bronze Dagger Blade 0 Component
Quetzal Harpoon Quetzal Harpoon 0 Harpoon
Bronze Dagger Hilt Bronze Dagger Hilt 0 Component
Bronze Greatsword Blade Bronze Greatsword Blade 0 Component
Bronze Greatsword Hilt Bronze Greatsword Hilt 0 Component
Bronze Hammer Head Bronze Hammer Head 0 Component
Large Green Haft Large Green Haft 0 Component
Bronze Mace Head Bronze Mace Head 0 Component
Bronze Sword Blade Bronze Sword Blade 0 Component
Bronze Sword Hilt Bronze Sword Hilt 0 Component
Rough Sharpening Stone Rough Sharpening Stone 0 Consumable
Bronze Shield Backing Bronze Shield Backing 0 Component
Bronze Shield Boss Bronze Shield Boss 0 Component
Bronze Spear Head Bronze Spear Head 0 Component
Lionguard-Issue Sword Lionguard-Issue Sword 0 Sword
Copper Mace Copper Mace 0 Mace
Wooden Sword Wooden Sword 0 Sword
Malign Bronze Shield Malign Bronze Shield 0 Shield
Mighty Bronze Shield Mighty Bronze Shield 0 Shield
Vital Bronze Shield Vital Bronze Shield 0 Shield
Malign Bronze Sword Malign Bronze Sword 0 Sword
Mighty Bronze Sword Mighty Bronze Sword 0 Sword
Vital Bronze Sword Vital Bronze Sword 0 Sword
Malign Bronze Hammer Malign Bronze Hammer 0 Hammer
Mighty Bronze Hammer Mighty Bronze Hammer 0 Hammer
Vital Bronze Hammer Vital Bronze Hammer 0 Hammer
Malign Bronze Mace Malign Bronze Mace 0 Mace
Mighty Bronze Mace Mighty Bronze Mace 0 Mace
Vital Bronze Mace Vital Bronze Mace 0 Mace
Malign Bronze Axe Malign Bronze Axe 0 Axe
Mighty Bronze Axe Mighty Bronze Axe 0 Axe
Vital Bronze Axe Vital Bronze Axe 0 Axe
Malign Bronze Dagger Malign Bronze Dagger 0 Dagger
Mighty Bronze Dagger Mighty Bronze Dagger 0 Dagger
Vital Bronze Dagger Vital Bronze Dagger 0 Dagger
Malign Bronze Greatsword Malign Bronze Greatsword 0 Greatsword
Mighty Bronze Greatsword Mighty Bronze Greatsword 0 Greatsword
Vital Bronze Greatsword Vital Bronze Greatsword 0 Greatsword
Malign Bronze Spear Malign Bronze Spear 0 Harpoon
Mighty Bronze Spear Mighty Bronze Spear 0 Harpoon
Vital Bronze Spear Vital Bronze Spear 0 Harpoon
Minor Sigil of Strength Minor Sigil of Strength 0 Updrage