Crafting recipes for Armorsmith

1956 results
Name asc Level Type
Tizlak's Metal Breather Tizlak's Metal Breather 500 Helm
Tizlak's Greaves Tizlak's Greaves 500 Boots
Tizlak's Commander's Insignia Tizlak's Commander's Insignia 500 Insignia
Tizlak's Breastplate Tizlak's Breastplate 500 Coat
Tixx's Warfists Tixx's Warfists 500 Gloves
Tixx's Visor Tixx's Visor 500 Helm
Tixx's Tassets Tixx's Tassets 500 Leggings
Tixx's Pauldrons Tixx's Pauldrons 500 Shoulders
Tixx's Greaves Tixx's Greaves 500 Boots
Tixx's Giver's Insignia Tixx's Giver's Insignia 500 Insignia
Tixx's Breastplate Tixx's Breastplate 500 Coat
Third Order Mist Frame Third Order Mist Frame 500 Legendary Component
The Twins' Warfists The Twins' Warfists 500 Gloves
The Twins' Visor The Twins' Visor 500 Helm
The Twins' Tassets The Twins' Tassets 500 Leggings
The Twins' Pauldrons The Twins' Pauldrons 500 Shoulders
The Twins' Grieving Insignia The Twins' Grieving Insignia 500 Insignia
The Twins' Greaves The Twins' Greaves 500 Boots
The Twins' Breastplate The Twins' Breastplate 500 Coat
Thackeray's Tassets Thackeray's Tassets 500 Leggings
Thackeray's Seraph Insignia Thackeray's Seraph Insignia 500 Insignia
Thackeray's Pauldrons Thackeray's Pauldrons 500 Shoulders
Thackeray's Metal Breather Thackeray's Metal Breather 500 Helm
Thackeray's Greaves Thackeray's Greaves 500 Boots
Thackeray's Gauntlets Thackeray's Gauntlets 500 Gloves
Thackeray's Breastplate Thackeray's Breastplate 500 Coat
Thackeray's Barbute Thackeray's Barbute 500 Helm
Tateos's Warfists Tateos's Warfists 500 Gloves
Tateos's Visor Tateos's Visor 500 Helm
Tateos's Tassets Tateos's Tassets 500 Leggings
Tateos's Pauldrons Tateos's Pauldrons 500 Shoulders
Tateos's Metal Breather Tateos's Metal Breather 500 Helm
Tateos's Greaves Tateos's Greaves 500 Boots
Tateos's Cleric Insignia Tateos's Cleric Insignia 500 Insignia
Tateos's Breastplate Tateos's Breastplate 500 Coat
Swelter's Gait Swelter's Gait 400 Boots
Swelter's Gait Swelter's Gait 400 Boots
Swelter's Gait Swelter's Gait 400 Boots
Svaard's Warfists Svaard's Warfists 500 Gloves
Svaard's Visor Svaard's Visor 500 Helm
Svaard's Tassets Svaard's Tassets 500 Leggings
Svaard's Pauldrons Svaard's Pauldrons 500 Shoulders
Svaard's Marauder Insignia Svaard's Marauder Insignia 500 Insignia
Svaard's Greaves Svaard's Greaves 500 Boots
Svaard's Breastplate Svaard's Breastplate 500 Coat
Suun's Warfists Suun's Warfists 500 Gloves
Suun's Visor Suun's Visor 500 Helm
Suun's Tassets Suun's Tassets 500 Leggings
Suun's Pauldrons Suun's Pauldrons 500 Shoulders
Suun's Greaves Suun's Greaves 500 Boots