Crafting recipes for Tailor

1952 results
Name Level asc Type
Rejuvenating Student Mantle Rejuvenating Student Mantle 125 Shoulders
Rejuvenating Student Circlet Rejuvenating Student Circlet 125 Helm
Rejuvenating Student Coat Rejuvenating Student Coat 125 Coat
Ravaging Masquerade Boots Ravaging Masquerade Boots 125 Boots
Rejuvenating Masquerade Boots Rejuvenating Masquerade Boots 125 Boots
Honed Masquerade Boots Honed Masquerade Boots 125 Boots
Hunter's Masquerade Boots Hunter's Masquerade Boots 125 Boots
Strong Masquerade Boots Strong Masquerade Boots 125 Boots
Vigorous Masquerade Boots Vigorous Masquerade Boots 125 Boots
Hearty Masquerade Boots Hearty Masquerade Boots 125 Boots
Ravaging Masquerade Raiments Ravaging Masquerade Raiments 125 Coat
Rejuvenating Masquerade Raiments Rejuvenating Masquerade Raiments 125 Coat
Honed Masquerade Raiments Honed Masquerade Raiments 125 Coat
Hunter's Masquerade Raiments Hunter's Masquerade Raiments 125 Coat
Strong Masquerade Raiments Strong Masquerade Raiments 125 Coat
Vigorous Masquerade Raiments Vigorous Masquerade Raiments 125 Coat
Hearty Masquerade Raiments Hearty Masquerade Raiments 125 Coat
Ravaging Masquerade Gloves Ravaging Masquerade Gloves 125 Gloves
Rejuvenating Masquerade Gloves Rejuvenating Masquerade Gloves 125 Gloves
Honed Masquerade Gloves Honed Masquerade Gloves 125 Gloves
Hunter's Masquerade Gloves Hunter's Masquerade Gloves 125 Gloves
Strong Masquerade Gloves Strong Masquerade Gloves 125 Gloves
Vigorous Masquerade Gloves Vigorous Masquerade Gloves 125 Gloves
Hearty Masquerade Gloves Hearty Masquerade Gloves 125 Gloves
Ravaging Masquerade Mask Ravaging Masquerade Mask 125 Helm
Rejuvenating Masquerade Mask Rejuvenating Masquerade Mask 125 Helm
Honed Masquerade Mask Honed Masquerade Mask 125 Helm
Hunter's Masquerade Mask Hunter's Masquerade Mask 125 Helm
Strong Masquerade Mask Strong Masquerade Mask 125 Helm
Vigorous Masquerade Mask Vigorous Masquerade Mask 125 Helm
Hearty Masquerade Mask Hearty Masquerade Mask 125 Helm
Ravaging Masquerade Leggings Ravaging Masquerade Leggings 125 Leggings
Rejuvenating Masquerade Leggings Rejuvenating Masquerade Leggings 125 Leggings
Honed Masquerade Leggings Honed Masquerade Leggings 125 Leggings
Hunter's Masquerade Leggings Hunter's Masquerade Leggings 125 Leggings
Strong Masquerade Leggings Strong Masquerade Leggings 125 Leggings
Vigorous Masquerade Leggings Vigorous Masquerade Leggings 125 Leggings
Hearty Masquerade Leggings Hearty Masquerade Leggings 125 Leggings
Ravaging Masquerade Mantle Ravaging Masquerade Mantle 125 Shoulders
Rejuvenating Masquerade Mantle Rejuvenating Masquerade Mantle 125 Shoulders
Honed Masquerade Mantle Honed Masquerade Mantle 125 Shoulders
Hunter's Masquerade Mantle Hunter's Masquerade Mantle 125 Shoulders
Strong Masquerade Mantle Strong Masquerade Mantle 125 Shoulders
Vigorous Masquerade Mantle Vigorous Masquerade Mantle 125 Shoulders
Hearty Masquerade Mantle Hearty Masquerade Mantle 125 Shoulders
Satchel of Ravaging Student Armor Satchel of Ravaging Student Armor 125 Bulk
Satchel of Ravaging Masquerade Armor Satchel of Ravaging Masquerade Armor 125 Bulk
Satchel of Rejuvenating Student Armor Satchel of Rejuvenating Student Armor 125 Bulk
Satchel of Rejuvenating Masquerade Armor Satchel of Rejuvenating Masquerade Armor 125 Bulk
Satchel of Honed Student Armor Satchel of Honed Student Armor 125 Bulk