Crafting recipes for Tailor

1952 results
Name Level asc Type
Bolt of Wool Bolt of Wool 75 Refinement
Iron Ingot Iron Ingot 75 Refinement
Cured Thin Leather Square Cured Thin Leather Square 75 Refinement
Ravaging Wool Insignia Ravaging Wool Insignia 75 Insignia
Vigorous Wool Insignia Vigorous Wool Insignia 75 Insignia
Hunter's Wool Insignia Hunter's Wool Insignia 75 Insignia
Ravaging Student Coat Ravaging Student Coat 75 Coat
Hunter's Student Coat Hunter's Student Coat 75 Coat
Vigorous Student Coat Vigorous Student Coat 75 Coat
Wool Epaulet Panel Wool Epaulet Panel 75 Component
Wool Footwear Sole Wool Footwear Sole 75 Component
Wool Epaulet Padding Wool Epaulet Padding 75 Component
Wool Footwear Upper Wool Footwear Upper 75 Component
Wool Gloves Padding Wool Gloves Padding 75 Component
Wool Gloves Panel Wool Gloves Panel 75 Component
Wool Headpiece Padding Wool Headpiece Padding 75 Component
Wool Headpiece Strap Wool Headpiece Strap 75 Component
Wool Trouser Lining Wool Trouser Lining 75 Component
Wool Trouser Panel Wool Trouser Panel 75 Component
Wool Vestments Lining Wool Vestments Lining 75 Component
Wool Vestments Panel Wool Vestments Panel 75 Component
Ravaging Student Shoes Ravaging Student Shoes 75 Boots
Hunter's Student Shoes Hunter's Student Shoes 75 Boots
Vigorous Student Shoes Vigorous Student Shoes 75 Boots
Ravaging Student Leggings Ravaging Student Leggings 75 Leggings
Hunter's Student Leggings Hunter's Student Leggings 75 Leggings
Vigorous Student Leggings Vigorous Student Leggings 75 Leggings
Ravaging Student Mantle Ravaging Student Mantle 75 Shoulders
Hunter's Student Mantle Hunter's Student Mantle 75 Shoulders
Vigorous Student Mantle Vigorous Student Mantle 75 Shoulders
Ravaging Student Circlet Ravaging Student Circlet 75 Helm
Hunter's Student Circlet Hunter's Student Circlet 75 Helm
Vigorous Student Circlet Vigorous Student Circlet 75 Helm
Minor Rune of the Air Minor Rune of the Air 75 Updrage
Minor Rune of the Water Minor Rune of the Water 75 Updrage
10 Slot Wool Bag 10 Slot Wool Bag 75 Bag
Ravaging Student Gloves Ravaging Student Gloves 75 Gloves
Hunter's Student Gloves Hunter's Student Gloves 75 Gloves
Vigorous Student Gloves Vigorous Student Gloves 75 Gloves
Satchel of Ravaging Student Armor Satchel of Ravaging Student Armor 75 Bulk
Satchel of Hunter's Student Armor Satchel of Hunter's Student Armor 75 Bulk
Satchel of Vigorous Student Armor Satchel of Vigorous Student Armor 75 Bulk
Shadow Shoes Shadow Shoes 75 Boots
Shadow Garb Shadow Garb 75 Coat
Shadow Gloves Shadow Gloves 75 Gloves
Shadow Leggings Shadow Leggings 75 Leggings
Shadow Helm Shadow Helm 75 Helm
Shadow Mantle Shadow Mantle 75 Shoulders
Minor Rune of the Mad King Minor Rune of the Mad King 75 Updrage
Giver's Embroidered Wool Insignia Giver's Embroidered Wool Insignia 75 Insignia