Crafting recipes for Weaponsmith

2394 results
Name Level desc Type
Hunter's Steel Hammer Hunter's Steel Hammer 150 Hammer
Hunter's Steel Greatsword Hunter's Steel Greatsword 150 Greatsword
Steel Mace Head Steel Mace Head 150 Component
Steel Shield Backing Steel Shield Backing 150 Component
Practical Weaponsmith's Tools Practical Weaponsmith's Tools 150 Component
Steel Shield Boss Steel Shield Boss 150 Component
Ravaging Steel Mace Ravaging Steel Mace 150 Mace
Ravaging Steel Spear Ravaging Steel Spear 150 Harpoon
Standard Sharpening Stone Standard Sharpening Stone 150 Consumable
Vigorous Steel Mace Vigorous Steel Mace 150 Mace
Vigorous Steel Spear Vigorous Steel Spear 150 Harpoon
Steel Ingot Steel Ingot 150 Refinement
Hunter's Steel Mace Hunter's Steel Mace 150 Mace
Hunter's Steel Spear Hunter's Steel Spear 150 Harpoon
Small Seasoned Haft Small Seasoned Haft 150 Component
Steel Hammer Head Steel Hammer Head 150 Component
Ravaging Steel Shield Ravaging Steel Shield 150 Shield
Ravaging Steel Axe Ravaging Steel Axe 150 Axe
Steel Sword Blade Steel Sword Blade 150 Component
Vigorous Steel Shield Vigorous Steel Shield 150 Shield
Vigorous Steel Axe Vigorous Steel Axe 150 Axe
Cured Coarse Leather Square Cured Coarse Leather Square 150 Refinement
Hunter's Steel Shield Hunter's Steel Shield 150 Shield
Hunter's Steel Axe Hunter's Steel Axe 150 Axe
Steel Greatsword Blade Steel Greatsword Blade 150 Component
Steel Dagger Blade Steel Dagger Blade 150 Component
Ravaging Steel Sword Ravaging Steel Sword 150 Sword
Ravaging Steel Dagger Ravaging Steel Dagger 150 Dagger
Minor Sigil of Destroyer Slaying Minor Sigil of Destroyer Slaying 150 Updrage
Practical Weaponsmith's Backpack Practical Weaponsmith's Backpack 150 Backpack
Large Seasoned Haft Large Seasoned Haft 150 Component
Vigorous Steel Sword Vigorous Steel Sword 150 Sword
Vigorous Steel Dagger Vigorous Steel Dagger 150 Dagger
Hunter's Steel Sword Hunter's Steel Sword 150 Sword
Hunter's Steel Dagger Hunter's Steel Dagger 150 Dagger
Steel Sword Hilt Steel Sword Hilt 150 Component
Steel Spear Head Steel Spear Head 150 Component
Honed Steel Sword Honed Steel Sword 175 Sword
Honed Steel Dagger Honed Steel Dagger 175 Dagger
Rejuvenating Steel Sword Rejuvenating Steel Sword 175 Sword
Hearty Steel Sword Hearty Steel Sword 175 Sword
Hearty Steel Dagger Hearty Steel Dagger 175 Dagger
Rejuvenating Steel Dagger Rejuvenating Steel Dagger 175 Dagger
Strong Seasoned Inscription Strong Seasoned Inscription 175 Inscription
Strong Steel Hammer Strong Steel Hammer 175 Hammer
Strong Steel Greatsword Strong Steel Greatsword 175 Greatsword
Honed Seasoned Inscription Honed Seasoned Inscription 175 Inscription
Honed Steel Hammer Honed Steel Hammer 175 Hammer
Honed Steel Greatsword Honed Steel Greatsword 175 Greatsword
Hearty Seasoned Inscription Hearty Seasoned Inscription 175 Inscription